You Can Do This (My Weight Loss Secrets)

I hear this phrase a lot. I hear it from people I know and from people I don’t know, but share my story with. People who need to lose weight and from people who don’t.

What’s the phrase?

“I wish I could do that”

Variations being:

“I could never do that”
“I wish I had that will power”

“I can’t lose weight….exercise….eat right….etc”

I’m here to tell you that it’s all a lie, all of it. Every single negative thought you have had about losing weight, exercising, or eating right….isn’t true.

Because you better believe this:
Because you know what? You CAN do this! It is completely possible for you to take the first step to a better you. I know because I have done it. And if I can do it, anyone can. I’m sure you’ve heard that before, but I promise you it is 100% true.

I was just like you, overweight, sad, and unhappy with life. I used to have that voice in my head telling me that I couldn’t do it and I would be fat and lonely forever.But then I stepped foot into my first Weight Watchers meeting and began telling that inner negative voice to shut up. I began telling myself that I could and that I would accomplish anything I set my mind to. And I have.

I’m the girl who set out to lose 100lbs and did it. The girl who ran a mile and eventually the distance of a 5k. The girl who once never thought she would see a number on the scale start with a ‘1’, but did. The girl who was sure she’d be a cat lady, but ended up marrying the man of her dreams. And the girl who hit 150lbs lost, all because I stopped listening to the ‘I can’ts’.

I want you all to know that are struggling with starting on a healthy path or even just hit a bump in the road, that this is possible. It is possible to lose weight and feel good about you. Want to know my secrets?

You have to do it for you! Like YOU really have to want it! It’s not going to work if you’re doing it for a guy/girl, to look good for a certain event, or to be accepted by society. Because if you don’t want it, you’re not going to stick with it and continue for the rest of your life. What happens when that certain guy/girl doesn’t want you or when the event is over? You’ll most likely go back to your old ways.

So that’s my first secret….my second one is this:

Eat less, move more. That is how you lose weight. There is no magic pill, shake, or diet. It’s the old rule of “calories in…caloires out.” Sure, I do Weight Watchers, but that is not a diet. The program doesn’t restrict any foods and doesn’t require you to eat only Weight Watchers endorsed products. It teaches you how to eat less, but more of the “right” foods.

Can’t afford Weight Watchers? No worries, there are other resources out that too! I did My Fitness Pal for a bit and I know some people who use Sparkpeople and Lose It. These are great tools to help you decide how much you should be eating and also gives you a great place to track what is going into your mouth.

The second part of that secret is move more. This one is pretty easy to do. If you don’t move at the moment, try at least 10 minutes a day. I started off by walking short distances and doing Leslie Sansone dvds. It took me a while to build up to my 30 Day Shred and Ripped In 30 challenges. Start small, then build up from there. You can only continue to better yourself.

My next secret is a pretty important one and one that I do daily!

Track what you eat! This is something they teach us and stress to us at Weight Watchers. I cannot stress how important it is. If you don’t write down what’s going into your mouth, then how will you know how much you are consuming daily? Track on a piece of paper or on one of those handy sites that I mentioned before. With cell phones these days you can get an app for anything, including the sites I mentioned.

Next up, Find Support! I’ll be honest, even though you are doing this all for you, it is very difficult to do it alone. You need people to vent to when things are going bad and people to cheer you on when you need it. I have found support not only in my amazing family and friends, but also a TON of online support via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and my blog. There are a lot of awesome people out there and a lot of them have the same exact struggles you do. You can even shoot me a message and I’ll be there for you. :)

And last but not least….

Try new things! Trying new things is super scary…trust me I know. This is part of my journey I still have a hard time with, but getting better with! Trying new things can be as simple as a new recipe or as complex as training for a race. When I first began this journey, I made it a mission to try a new food every time I went to the store. I have discovered a lot of new things I enjoy, that I wouldn’t have if I didn’t just try something new. What’s the worst thing that could happen, you hate it? So what? At least you’ll know.
Well there you have it, my secrets to weight loss and rocking this journey. Incase you need a recap, here they are in a pretty picture for you to print off or even Pin!
Any weight loss secrets you’d like to share?