I found it!

Even though I had a crappy week in running, I had a decent week with my eating. Which showed on the scale. I’m out of the 220s….again. I’m NEVER wanting to see that stupid decade again! I’ve had enough of it. So, this week will be focusing on doing everything I can not to end up back there and finally hitting 110lbs lost (only 2 ounces to go!).

Now it seems that everytime I lose focus on exercise something comes around to remind me why I enjoy it and why I should do it.

Yesterday’s Weight Watchers meeting was all about exercise. We talked about the benefits of it and reasons why we want to work out.

I’ve decided that I want to workout to enhance my weight loss and to improve my health. According to some study (can’t remember what was said at the meeting) to enhance my weight loss I need 45 minutes of moderate exercise (walking, aerobics, biking) everyday. And to improve my health I need 30+ minutes of moderate to high exercise 5 times a week and strength training 2 times a week.

So according to my calculations my butt needs to be moving everyday. Which I will be focusing on this week.

My other motivation to get moving was A Merry Workout Pledge!

Now I’ve participated in A Merry Workout Pledge in the past and I love it. There’s one once a month and of course this month is no different. Now Mary switched up the rules a bit this month, which was probably a good thing. All you had to pledge was 60 minutes. Well, I of course did this and went out this morning and rocked it out.

I complained on Sunday about not having the motivation to run lately. Well, I’m happy to say that was NOT the case today. I ran for 40minutes straight!!

It felt awesome and was as easy as I remember running to be. I took a suggestions from all my amazing readers and switched things up.

I added and removed songs from my usual running playlist which helped a lot. My all time favorite song to run to though is ‘Shake That’ by Eminem. Which is funny because I tend to be a rocker/indie chick. I’m also totally digging ‘Airplanes’ by B.o.B ft. Hayley Williams of Paramore. What are your faves to workout to?

I also switched up my running course. I think this is what helped the most. I just went for it, I had no clue how many miles I was running or anything. When I run along the river I know how many miles I’m going which makes it easier to talk myself out of it. (If I just run this mile I can quit, etc)

Today I just ran.

And it was AWESOME!

I think it’s safe to say I’ve found my motivation!

Oh, yesterday at my meeting I was asked by a fellow Weight Watcher if I want to do a century bike tour in September. Umm…ya…gonna have to really think about that one….