Life in the Not On A Diet Household!

I’ve been MIA for a bit it seems. I’m glad to report it’s not because I’m slacking in the weight loss/exercise department! I’m actually excited to report that I hit 130lbs lost last Thursday!! I’ve actually been too busy to blog. So this post is just a quick catch up post with pictures! Who doesn’t love pictures?! :)

Home Sweet Home

Last Saturday B-Fry and I helped my parents move into the house above! It was the coldest day of the year of course! So I wore my snow pants and tried my best to stay warm! My parents now live closer which is GREAT! Before they lived at least 45 minutes away and now they’re 20 minutes tops. And only a couple of miles from where I work, so there will be lots more visits!

Supermodel Documentary Hour!

On Monday I got to play model for my future MIL’s open house for the CAbi Spring line. It was at a great wine bar in LeClaire called 129. Unfortunately the weather scared some people off, but it was still a lot of fun trying on all the clothes and playing model for the evening! PS: If you’re local and want to have a CAbi party of your own go here and get Kim’s info! They’re a lot of fun and the clothing is so cute!!

Delicious Dinner!

Tuesday was Valentine’s day! B-fry and I stayed in and made a delicious dinner of salmon, asparagus, and potatoes. And dessert was a healthy Oreo cheesecake! I made B-Fry a book of coupons for different things including a “A Full Day of All the XBOX You Can Handle” and a “Movie Date Of His Choice”. He loved it! And he got me a super cute Blackhawks hoodie!

<3 it!

Love my B-Fry!

Wednesday was a crappy day at work. I was dealing with PMS and just annoyed with my individuals. Not to mention a headache from hell. After whining via text to B-Fry about my day, he came home with flowers for me. :) These flowers meant much better than getting flowers on Valentine’s day. Because he got them for me to cheer me up, not because he felt obligated to because of the holiday. :) He is the best!

I got crafty!

Today is my day off. So in true day off fashion, I spent the morning playing on Pinterest! I stumbled up a pin for the website Wordle and created some art for the kitchen! I’m in love with it! I also menu planned and went to the grocery store where I picked up some new things. I hope to share them with you soon!

After all that was done, I put together my Foodie Penpal package to send off. I then decided that I didn’t want to get in the car again, so I dusted off Betty and rode my bike to the post office! I couldn’t pass up the awesome weather! It’s 45 degrees here today…in Illinois….IN FEBRUARY!! I even wore my skirt with leggings of course! I totally felt like Ms. Bitchcakes! It was great to get out!

Oh how I love a good bike ride!

See how happy I am?! Lol

Oh and a total side note, I got the invite to my bachelorette party today! Look how freaking cute they are!! I love my bridesmaids!!! :)


So that’s what has been happening around here! Life is great! Oh and a little update on my 30 Day Shred Challenge….I’m still going strong! I have 2 days left of Level 2, then it’s on to Level 3! Look for my Level 2 review soon!

What’s going on in your world?

5 thoughts on “Life in the Not On A Diet Household!

  1. Brooke – aka Skinny Girl….you look AMAZING! Congratulations! All your hard work has REALLY paid off! You look SO happy and have such a blessed life! Keep up the good work and enjoy your Bachelorette Party – will there be pictures?? ;)

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