Since Tuesday a sign claiming we were under a boil order has been up. I called City Hall yesterday to see if it affected the whole town. The lady told me that it does effect the whole area and that it wouldn’t be over until Monday at the earliest. She said there’s construction going on and they wanted to be safe.


This means no running water for almost a week. We can shower, but everything else is pretty much a no go. We can’t brush our teeth, cook with it, or even wash our hands.

I never realized how much running water is needed until we didn’t have it.

I miss conveniently washing my hands after I squish ground turkey with them. Now I have to call B-Fry over to pour a jug of water over them to get them clean.

That pitcher of purified water is non-exsistent in our fridge because we can’t drink the stuff. Brushing our teeth is a chore. We have to fill a cup of bottled water and use that to rinse our toothbrushes and mouths. Even washing our hands after using the bathroom sucks.

Its really a pain to not have that lovely stuff flowing out of our faucets. But I guess I’ll do what we have to do to not get E. Coli.

And when I do get it back, this chick is soaking in the tub. Be sure not to disturb!

Have you ever dealt with a multiple day boil order? How did you survive?

****luckily when I got home tonight the boil order had been lifted!!

4 thoughts on “Water

  1. Been there done that..worked in a school while the was the order.. You just do what you have to do..hand santizer and bottled water.

  2. We had one a few years ago. Boil water for at least 3 minutes to kill any ickies, then store in the fridge. For washing dishes and stuff, I just added a bit of bleach to the water.
    Good luck!

  3. this sounds like hell, luckily and knock on wood, I have never been in this situation. When I first moved into my current home I didn’t have hot water for over a week, that was rough. I was so appreciative when I finally had a hot shower.

  4. Usually, if there’s construction they don’t bother telling us, so when the water runs brown we just know not to use it. I think the longest it ever lasted was a couple of days, and we had been forewarned that time, so we were able to “stock up” beforehand. I’ve had to boil water for bathing and stuff, though; during the power outage, it was to chilly to take an ice cold shower, and I needed warm water to wash my hands a few times (and to warm them up as well). It’s never fun when you have to boil water every time you need hot water. I’m glad you got it back relatively quickly!

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