Counting Away

Remember when I said I was giving up on Weight Watchers and starting calorie counting?

Well there was a lot of talk in the comments about not getting enough calories and other things of that sort. Well, I don’t want anyone to worry. I consulted several different calorie counting websites and they were all in the range of 1,200-1,400 calories.

I’ve been staying within those numbers this past week and I’m happy to report that I’m down 3lbs this week! And that was without working out. (No worries I’m not going to stop working out. Just wasn’t feeling it this week)

I’m really liking calorie counting so far. I really feel like I’m more aware of what I’m eating than I was on Weight Watchers because I became lax sometimes knowing that I had extra points plus that I could use. It is weird having to count fruits and veggies again, but I’m getting back into the habit of it.

I really feel like this is going to work and help me get to my goal weight. And I’m getting excited about losing weight again. I was in a major rut and this seems to really be what I needed!

B-Fry has also joined me in this calorie counting too. Its fun having him do it too. And definitely helps with the support. Now we just need to start working out together!

I cannot wait to see how this continues to go!

What’s new and exciting in your life?

5 thoughts on “Counting Away

  1. First of all: Congrats on your weight loss!
    As someone who is also using MFP as of recently: what did you enter as your goal loss per week? I first wanted to enter 2 pounds but the goal calories they gave me seemed to low to me. I did not want to go under my basic metabolic rate (as you never should, when dieting), which is about 1600. When I entered 1 pound/week it gave me a goal of between 1600 and 1700 (it was 1670 but I adjusted it after my weigh-in on Wednesday because I lose so much and now it’s 1630). Now I am 5’7″ and about 210lbs. 1200-1400 would be too low for me (under my BMR). I ended up losing 6 pounds my first week though and am currently at another 3lbs lost (only halfway through week 2) so much better than the 1lb/week they gave me my calorie goal for.

  2. I counted calories until I lost 180 lbs. I have been maintaining for four months as of today–so for me it works. And I’m still counting those damned calories! All the points with WW is confusing to me, course that is probaby because I never joined and got all the literature that explains it. But over the years I have counted calories many times, (lost and regained the pounds too–but this time–I swear–it’s gone forever!) and usually have some general idea how many calories are in things. I also joined, and they have a spot where you can log in your food and it will figure your calories for you. Sounds a lot like MFP. Most convenient!

  3. Brooke, I know you will work and meet your goals! I liked WW, they just took my convenient meeting place from me. After marching back up to within 2 lbs of my first “this is not acceptable” weight, I am calorie counting with Sparkpeople and it is working. I like the program, don’t use the social pages but they are there if I get to needing a push. I keep hoping Farmer will come on board, I worry about his health. Even with me doing the cooking he really has to manage his own portions and be mindful.

  4. Brooke-

    I have been wondering what happened to you?!? I so miss having you at the meetings. Good luck on your endeavor to continue to lose and please stop in and say hi occasionally. You are always welcome back….Be sure to stop by in December as they will have an updated plan…don’t know the changes yet, but will by then. I’d also encourage you to send WW a note with your experience so they can continue to make their plan better for everyone!

    Best of luck to you!!


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