Guest Post: I Don’t Want To Go Shopping

While I'm enjoying this view, enjoy this post from Cynthia!

Hi everyone, I’m Cynthia from It All Changes. I love to share about all the ups – and downs – of living a healthy lifestyle on the roller coaster we call life.

Thanks to Brooke for letting me guest post while she enjoys her fabulous vacation. She needs a break after the crazy Christmas time…trust me I know.

Like Brooke I dropped a lot of weight. I lost some with calorie counting and the rest with Weight Watchers. Losing weight was great. I felt stronger, healthier and could actually live my life. There was one.little.thing I hated about losing weight….


You’re probably thinking that new clothes is the BEST part of losing weight. As kids we love “school clothes shopping” and Santa always brought new clothes to wear – unless they were socks and underwear from Grandma. So why doesn’t a grown woman love clothes shopping?

It’s the in between stages.

When losing over 100 pounds you don’t want to buy expensive pieces that only fit for a few months. During the 2 years it took me to lose the weight I shopped the Salvation Army Family Stores aka Thrift Stores, sale racks, and outlets. The best was when I could shop out of friends closets. Anything could be replaced, even if I looked like a hot mess or something out of the 80’s. Thank God those pictures are missing.

Then there’s the one thing that is an absolute nightmare to replace. Boys avert your eyes… BRAS! Oh yes I said it.

Fit, cost, and comfort never work when you go from a 44DDD to something quite a bit smaller and sometimes every size in between. Oh why can’t a size be a size be a size. A size 12 jeans don’t fit the same brand to brand so why should a bra. Can’t they be as simple as men’s pants?

I spent months avoiding the lingerie section, until it was apparent I needed some new undergarments.

Where was grandma for Christmas that year?

I prayed they’d hold up – literally – until I was at GOAL and wouldn’t need to torture myself this way anymore…unless I wanted something nice and new.

Then came GOAL and maintenance brought a whole other set of challenges. The old adage that they are the “first place you lose weight and the last place you gain” works in reverse for me. While others have a stack of jeans they fit into at different weights – heck different times of the month – I have a stack of bras.

Don’t even get me started on sports bras. I don’t want to give myself a black eye so I have to wear two. Double the trouble double the fun? Heck it’s all double the cost. I think Lulu lemon and their Tata Tamer own me…or at least my first born.

Despite all my qualms about shopping of any kind I wouldn’t give it up for the world. I love the new me and just look forward to the Victoria Secret’s Semi-annual sale.

What would be the hardest thing for you to replace from your wardrobe?

4 thoughts on “Guest Post: I Don’t Want To Go Shopping

  1. Yes!!!! I hate bra shopping too. It is such a pain. Since I am starting to trim down again, I really have to budget for the fact that I will NEED new clothes. I stick to basics which can be boring but that is life right? I have to be able to wear a pair of pants 2 times a week b/c I just can’t afford to have enough to get me through the week at every size. It can be frustrating, but it is rewarding at the same time.

  2. I gained a bunch of weight from a medication, and continue to gain a pound here and there afterward. That weight is now showing in the bra department, and like you, some days I need to adjust. (I think gas is my biggest problem, though.) I used to be a 34B and am now a 38C. Some days, the 38C is way, way too tight, and others it’s almost too loose. Luckily, on “normal” days, I can wear it with the straps crossed and on the second hook, that way I have “wiggle room” for those other days, but man is it a pain!

    I agree that women’s sizes should be universal, the way men’s are. Sigh.

  3. bras!!!! I realized the other day that I really need new undergarments. I’m officially down a cup size… and with my vanity that makes me sad. ha. but also I’m wearing underware from 100lb ago and while that’s not cute at all, it’s hard to replace it. Simply b/c I know I’m not at my goal yet and I have loads more to do.
    love the idea of shopping from friends closets. I h ave a friend who is a size smaller and she is doing wwplus as well. My hope is that we lose sizes at the same time… ha.

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