Fantastic Fridge and Half-Ton Mom

There isn’t much to say about this week’s WW topic. So, I’ll keep it short and sweet. This week’s topic was about food. Delicious food! Well, more specifically about food we keep around our homes.

To make the changes for living a healthier lifestyle, we need the correct tools. Having the right foods at your disposal is a very important tool. If you don’t have the right foods, it’s going to be very tough to start this journey and stick to it.

Along with having the right foods, it’s also important NOT to have foods that will steer you off track. Whether those foods are cookies, chips, or candy. It’s in your best interest not to even bring those foods into your home. If it isn’t there, you can’t eat it.

This week, go to your fridge and pantry and get rid of or swap out 10 items that have the potential of sabotaging you.

Now onto what I really want to talk about….

I was at work last night watching TLC. The special Half-Ton Mom is on. The one about the lady who weighs over 900lbs and is wanting to get gastric bypass surgery done. She had been trying for 12+ years to find a doctor that would do the surgery. No hospital wanted to take such a huge risk.

She finally found a hospital to take her and perform the surgery. To get to the hospital she needed the aid of several fireman to transport her. They had trouble getting her out of the house due to her size. And as they were putting her into the back of the ambulance, her neighbors stood there watching like she was some sideshow act.

She did receive the surgery, but ended up passing away 12 days later from a heart attack. Not going to lie, I cried. It broke my heart that she had finally found the help she had been searching for, only to pass away.

While sitting there watching I couldn’t help but feel sorry for her. Granted I’ve never weighed that much, I know what it’s like to be ashamed of yourself and feeling utterly lost when it comes to weight loss. I’m glad that I figured it out before I ever got to that size. Glad that I didn’t have to resort to surgery or any other drastic measures.

I’m proud of myself for doing this the correct way. The healthy way of changing my diet and moving more. Sure it’s not a quick fix, but I know that at the end of this journey when I hit my goal weight, I’ll be happy with everything I’ve done.

I should remember this when I’m not seeing results I’d like to see on the scale. Sometimes I forget that this is a slow process for a good reason. I’m learning skills for a lifetime and that is more important than any number on the scale.

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