About Me

Once upon a time I was an overweight girl. Had been for a majority of my life. In fact I don’t think there’s really a time I remember when I wasn’t overweight. I was the girl the kids and even teachers poked fun at. The girl who hid behind her crazy hair colors, over sized black t-shirts, and bubbly personality. The girl who was much happier with my nose stuck in a book or singing in choir. I wasn’t the girl who was popular because I was an all-star on the basketball team or a cheerleader.

The girl who stayed in a crappy relationship because I thought it was what I deserved. I was so desperate for love from a guy that I stuck it out, even though inside I was miserable. I ate my feelings instead of backing out of the relationship. The girl who gained 40lbs in 8 months that I was in that relationship. The girl who ate over 2 dozen cookies in 2 days when things fell apart in that relationship.

Then I became the girl who went to a Weight Watchers meeting with her mom. The girl who fell in love with such a great program that worked for her. The girl who gained a pound of confidence with every single pound she shed. The girl who changed her lifestyle to become healthier and happier with herself.


I’m now the girl who has lost half herself (164 pounds) and counting with the help of Weight Watchers. The girl who married the man of her dreams. The girl who wakes up every day and feels beautiful. The girl who is incredibly happy and wouldn’t change anything for the world.

19 thoughts on “About Me

  1. You are amazing! Not just saying that. Truly! Great story and a great attitude! Congrats on your successes.

    (Trying to check out as many Fitbloggin’ blogs as possible b4 this weekend. Maybe we’ll meet in person!)

    :-) Jenn

  2. WOW! Just found your blog- congratulations on the incredible success! I look forward to reading through past entries! I am on week 7 of Weight Watchers and I’m loving the program – it’s so exciting to find someone who’s had the kind of success I’m looking forward to! :)
    All the best!

  3. Brooke, you look beautiful and story is very inspiring! :) I am so excited to have you as my foodie penpal and I cannot wait to read more on your fantastic blog!

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  5. Ahhhhhh!! Your ‘about’ page made me cry. I am one week into Weight Watchers and feel so ready for a change. Thank you for sharing and being awesome!

  6. This blog encouraged me so much, I am right now 304 pounds I started my Journey to losing weight In January i am doing weight watchers myself because in the past I lost 17 pounds doing weight watchers… But this time I’m sticking too it and Not going to give up! Thank you for shearing and for this wonderful blog!

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